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A smarter way to operate...

Western Illinois Agri-System's preventive maintenance plans can help keep your farm operation performing at optimal levels during harvest. Eliminate the majority of grain handling problems through proper conditioning of equipment.

regular inspections, smooth operations


Let our certified electricians help keep your equipment in top performing condition.


Keep your revenues strong due to reliable equipment performance. A variety of plans can suit any budget.


We'll work with you to tailor a plan that best suits your operation.

Services Included

Each plan consists of an annual inspection of all key components and proper testing of drying system efficiency. PMP's will be performed in months suited towards either empty or full storage. Items such as stirring devices must be checked when bins are full for proper load testing and safety. 


Maintenance and inspection of equipment to include the following:

Grain Spreaders


Stirring Machines


Roof Systems & Structure


Bin Foundation

Bin Structure




All Electrical Components



Gear Boxes, Motors, Bearings


Shivvers/Neco Systems




Continuous Flow Dryers

Plans and Pricing

Select your plan and protect your equipment.

Best Deal

Basic Plan

  • 1 Year term

  • 5% Parts Discount


per storage unit / yr

Basic Plan

Basic Plan

  • 1 Year term

  • 5% Parts Discount

Basic Plus Plan

  • 2 Year term

  • 10% Parts Discount


per storage unit / yr

Basic Plus Plan

Premium Plan

  • 3 Year term

  • 10% Parts Discount

  • 10% Labor Discount

  • Priority Service*


Premium Plan

per storage unit / yr

*Priority Service - no trip or mileage charge and will be on our Preferred Customer List. Preferred Customers will be on the top of our service call list if a breakdown occurs on the equipment inspected by WIAS during this Preventive Maintenance Program.


Each plan is per storage unit (includes bin, fan/heater, unload system, grain spreader)


Stirring machine at same location - $99.99 per unit

Shivvers/Neco system at same location - $149.99 per unit


Continuous Flow Dryer at same location - $149.99 per unit


Additional storage units at same location - $99.99 per unit





  • All ground maintenace based on one serviceman

  • All in bin and roof maintenance based on two servicemen

  • Prices based upon 60 miles from WIAS, additional charges may apply if over 60 miles.

  • Repairs will be completed while on site up to $500.  Over $500 in repairs will be discussed with customer and completed at a later date.

  • No parts or additional labor are included with service plans. Additional repairs will either be performed at customer's consent or re-scheduled at current WIAS rate schedule.

  • Recommended repairs to any systems that are not performed will not be warranted under any plan (call backs/service calls)

  • Electrical components are not guaranteed against failure after inspection. Amperage and Load will be checked and recorded at time of inspection. Wiring damage is possible from rodents and age. Recommendations will be made as to condition of current wiring and electrical components.