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Western Illinois Agri-Systems is proud to offer to an extensive lineup of products from top quality brand names.

Here at Western Illinois Agri-Systems we take pride in offering the highest quality bins and grain handling equipment on the market, GSI.  No matter what you situation calls for, whether it is a single bin or a whole grain set up GSI has you covered.  

GSI offers a wide variety of products including: the 40-Series Grain Bin; Versaloop overhead conveyor; Power Sweep; Axial & Centrifugal fans; Stir-Ators; Portable, Stack & Modular Tower Dryers; Leg and Tower systems; and much more.

Shivvers Manufacturing has been a leader in the Grain Drying Industry for 50 years with high efficiency and large volume Continuous Counter-Flow Grain Drying Systems.


The Circu-Lator tapered sweep auger removes an even layer of dried grain from the perforated floor to the center vertical where it is lifted to a transfer auger and on to your storage bins. The Shivvers Circu-Lator Performance System consists of a circulator (the augering equipment inside the bin;) COMPUDRY™ Command Center; drying floor and supports; continuous flow transfer auger; a BLUEFLAME™ dryer and a grain spreader.

The COMPUDRY™ Command Center constantly monitors conditions such as grain moisture, grain temperature, and plenum temperature, while also controlling all components of the system. With Shivvers Link you can monitor you grain from your tablet or smartphone. Make your initial settings to the Command Center, concentrate on harvesting your crop, and keep grain in the drying tank … while the Command Center does the rest.  With Shivvers you can count on uniform drying, better grain quality and higher test weight compared to continuous flow dryers.

WIAS is also please to sell Conrad American bin.  Conrad is a family owned and operated company located in Southeast Iowa.  

Like everyone here at WIAS, Conrad American is committed to quality and providing only the best agriculture equipment for its customers. All products are manufactured in a variety of sizes and built to meet specific requirements which helps to eliminate common problems experienced with other manufactured bins.

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When harvest is in full swing you need your bin equipment to be as dependable as you are.  That is why WIAS sells Spread-All Mfg products. 

Spread-All is a high-quality manufacturer of grain spreaders, aeration fans, roof vents, transitions, and centrifugal fans.  Spread-All's electric reversible grain spreader is top of the line and we recommend it in when a spreader is needed.


Loftness has been manufacturing robust, easy to use, and efficient equipment for over 60 years.  They are a leading manufacturer of grain baggers and extractors.

With growing yields storage always seems to be a concern.  Time and money may not always allow for a large scale upgrade to your grain system.  A grain bagger can be the solution you are looking for.

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Greene Galvanized Stairs offer a variety of products including bin stairs, roof safety packages, and tower support structures.

If you are looking to update an existing structure, Greene has you covered.

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NECO is well known as a leading manufacturer of high-quality grain handling equipment.

Their product offering includes: Bin Unloaders; Power Sweeps, Stir-Ators; and more.


Contact us today for more information.

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